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HomeDomainHello world! Welcome to DigiCalporter Web Hosting!

Hello world! Welcome to DigiCalporter Web Hosting!

Hello friends! Thanks for visiting. If you are looking for a space on the World Wide Web to launch your Online Business or your Blog, you are at the perfect spot. At Digicalporter, we feature a host of features. The cost is the lowest in the industry right now. Let's take a Look are some of the services we offer: Our PHP apps installation tool enables you to pick from among more than forty popular web apps and to install any of them with a single click - our PHP apps installer even offers an automatic database creation possibility. The list of web apps encompasses Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and many more. Why Digicalporter Web Hosting? At Digicalporter Web Hosting, our aim is to provide avant-garde website hosting technologies. Our web hosting services are equiped with generous hard drive storage space and monthly traffic allotments, domain name registration & transfer options, ultramodern Domain and Email Managers, multiple website hosting possibilities, as well as free bonus tools, such as a 1-click PHP apps installer and a site builder. All accounts can be easily managed via our multilingual Control Panel. A 24-7 client care service is offered as well. We work with a top-class data center situated in downtown Chicago, IL, which offers perfect conditions for hosting web sites whose visitors come from the States, Canada or Latin America. It will guarantee you the fastest web site loading speed conceivable. You can select the Chicago data center facility from the pull-down list on our order form. This option is available with all services available on our web site - shared hosting packages, KVM and OpenVZ-driven Virtual Private Servers, semi-dedicated web hosting servers and dedicated web hosting servers. Hosting Solutions Our web hosting portfolio includes a vast assortment of hosting plans, which offer abundant hard disk space and traffic quotas, domain name registration/transfer options, modern Domain and Email Managers, multi-domain name hosting possibilities, as well as charge-free bonuses, such as a one-click PHP script installer and a site building tool. All accounts can be easily administered via our multilingual Control Panel. A round-the-clock technical support service is offered as well. Hosting Platform What differentiates us from other web hosting companies is the circumstance that we use an entirely different hosting platform and hosting Control Panel. The main difference between our Hepsia Control Panel and the commonly used cPanel is that our hosting Control Panel offers billing, domain name and web site management options, which spares you the effort of remembering several login credentials for different web hosting Control Panels. SPECIAL OFFER Ending Soon! 1. Register Top TLDs - .com .net, .uk .co.uk .us .we.bs .space and more for $0.00*! 2. Hosting One month free trial Then $3.80 per month. Limited Time Offer! Learn More!

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